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Moulds. We work in tandem with customer with continuous communications for success of moulds. We derive the customer concept requirement and then create satisfying moulds for good value for money for our Customers. We try to support our customers with our experience to improve final economy of their products.

Our Satisfied Customers are across Globe and Inland. Our major overseas customers are from USA, GERMANY, ITALY, ISRAEL, KOREA, JAPAN, SINGAPORE, MALASIYA, INDIA, WEST & SOUTH AFRICA. Our Domestic customers are all over CHINA. Our export share is about 60% and 40% is domestic.

New Infrastructure
ZHEJIANG SANLEI MOULD & PLASTIC COMPANY LIMITED, Occupies more than 40,000sq.mt Building, with All fixed assets more than RMB 100millions. Employees more than 550people, where there are more than 60 engineers, and about 300 technicians/mould makers. We have 40 mould assembly lines established to assemble and test Moulds as per drawings and performance requirements.

A well layout office, with all necessary comforts to Interact with customers, to Plan and execute Orders are developed. 2 conference
rooms for Group Interactions and ample sample display area with enough customer interaction is established.

CAD / CAM, 3D management with animations, Huge Machining Centers, Large Measuring devices, large Spotting devices and Large Moulding
machines for Mould trials are developed in-house for quality and timely deliveries.

Associations and Certifications
TAIZHOU HUANGYAN SANLEI MOULD & PLASTIC COMPANY LIMITED is member of Plastic Developing Centre for China Auto
Parts, A collective Member of China Moulding Industry Association & Shanghai Moulding Associations. Also, A Member of China Automobile
Fittings Corporation, & Shanghai Mould Association.

ISO 9000:2000 got established in August 2002, It was awarded by Beijing San Xing 9000 Quality Certification Body.
ISO-TS 16949 got established in April 2011, and Accredited by Member of The IAF & PAC MLA for QMC.

Core Expertise
We have designed & developed Moulds for Car Bumpers, Car Desk Board, Car Door Parts, Lights, fuel tanks, Car AC, Car wind wiser,
Car Air Ducts. We also have designed and developed complete sets of Plastic Parts Moulds for TV from 5.5’ to 74’, Traditional and LCD TV.
We also have developed complete Sets of Plastic Part Moulds for Washing Machine and Room Air Conditioners from small to very large size.

We also have successfully developed Refrigerators, Motorcycle, Furniture and other Daily life Plastic Parts Moulds.

Year 1983, Huangyan No 3 Mould Factory founded.
Year 1991, SinteAmericanTaizhou Huangyan Sanlei Mould &Plastic company limited founded.
Year 1998,Taizhou Huangyan Sanlei Mould &Plastic company limited founded.
Year 2002, SLP be certificated by ISO9001.
Year 2003, 40000m2 New workplace been builded up.
Year 2004, LP purchased more than 20 sets plastic injection machine to develop high grade plastic injection products.
Year 2006, SLP be certificated by many famous enterprise. (SKM, SGS)
Year 2007, SLP have set up branch office and factory in India.
Year 2009, SLP have set up branch office and factory in JiangSu China.
Year 2011, SLP bave certificated by ISO-TS 16949.

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